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Starting with Why

World Health Organization estimates up to 80% of UV light exposure occurs before the age of 18[1], yet the majority of kids under the age of 12 do not regularly wear sunglasses! Why? Parents know sunglasses either get lost or broken. Why would a parent pay for something which will surely get lost or broken?

As an optometrist, I am constantly checking the health of my patients' eyes. From years of conversations with parents, I know most kids do not regularly wear sunglasses, especially kids younger than 12 years of age. I found this extremely unsettling as a health care professional dedicated to the promotion of eye health. UV light is known to cause many eye problems including premature cataracts, eye growths, retinal problems, inflammation, premature aging of the eye, and even eyelid cancer. So why do kids not wear sunglasses?! Because all their sunglasses are just adult sunglasses made smaller! Kid sunglasses need to be specifically designed to be unbreakable and hard to lose. 

Seeing no other option, I decided to create a solution myself. Teaming up with two partners from from the sunny state of California, we developed a unique pair of sunglasses that, when not being worn, snap onto kids' wrists, bicycle handlebars, backpacks, just about anything! While being worn, they firmly snap to the child's head, making them the perfect pair of sunglasses for active kids.  

Ocular health for kids is our top priority - it's why I created SunSnap Kids. All of our products have 100% UVA and UVB protection, with optional polarization. By creating a pair of sunglasses uniquely designed just for kids, it is our goal to protect as many young, developing eyes as possible. 

Kaleb Abbott, O.D., M.S.
President and Co-Founder
SunSnap Kids, LLC
SunSnap Kids Sunglasses slapped on bicycle handlebars
[1] World Health Organization, Protecting children from ultraviolet radiation